I’ve decided to increase the accumulations slightly given the model runs overnight, which are in rather remarkable agreement.  Those closer to I-95 and along the coast will still see a lot of rain, and as I expected, the track of the storm has come farther west and closer to the coast overnight. I believe this, and given that it’s October, will prevent any heavy snows from reaching the major cities. Let’s be clear though – this will likely start out as rain or rain mixed with snow for the majority of the area tomorrow morning, will change to snow sometime during the afternoon, and then there will be very heavy wet snow late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. Those wanting snow will be frustrated watching it rain, those not wanting the snow will be loving it – then it will all change within a hour or two, andgo from wet to white. The biggest accumulations will occur after dark tomorrow, and most models have the snow peaking in the evening hours. One other thing about the map – elevation will play a role. Those in the valleys and lower locations will receive the lower end of the range, and those at higher elevations will see the higher end. For instance, Bethlehem could see 5 inches, while up on south mountain just a few miles away, 8 inches. Someone in the Poconos will see over a foot with this – my guess would be white haven or Tobyhanna. The storm will be over by the early morning hours on Sunday.



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