Not much has changed. I’ve upped the totals throughout the Poconos, NW Sussex county NJ, and the Catskills of SE NY due to elevation. Those above 2000 feet could see 15 inches. Lehigh Valley, 5-8 inches, SE PA well outside of Philly 2-5, and the city itself a few inches of slop. The same applies as before, the lower amounts in any zone will apply to those at lower elevations, higher amounts at higher elevations (say 500-700 feet). There will be an incredibly sharp cut off wherever the rain-snow line sets up, which is why I believe the I-95 corridor ends up with the short end of the stick on this one. The changeover from north to south should be a wild one, in some cases happening over a matter of minutes if this storm develops as forecasted. Precip may begin as snow in the higher elevations, while rain changes to snow from late morning/midday in the north and the changeover marches south as the day progresses. Expect the worst conditions in about a 6-8 hour window late tomorrow afternoon and evening with snowfall rates of up to 2 inches per hour and possible thundersnow with banding. Given the heavy wet snow, power outages will be a problem due to downed trees which still have the majority of leaves on them. The storm will end from SW to NE around midnight tomorrow night.

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