8 PM Update

Hurricane Irene has just emerged back over the Atlantic just east over Virginia Beach. Winds are 80 mph, but more importantly, the pressure REMAINS at 950 mb. Something has to give – either the pressure rises overnight, or the winds increase.

Convection appears to be increasing around the center:wv2_east_anim.gif

and an eye is is again trying to form on radar: 

Expect the storm to ride right on or just off the coast through early tomorrow afternoon at a category 1 hurricane, there may be an increase in winds overnight – that remains to be seen. Conditions will deteriorate rapidly this evening area wide from SE to NW, with the worst conditions in the early morning hours into mid morning.

Expect 6-12 inches of rain, with local amounts to 15 inches, with widespread flooding by tomorrow morning – most rivers and streams are already under flood warnings in anticipation of the heavy rain. Winds will be as high as 90 mph along the coast, 70 mph along I-95, and 60 mph west of I-95 (this includes the Lehigh Valley). This combined with the saturated soil will cause tree damage leading to power outages. Storm surges of 4-8 feet with waves as high as 20 feet are expected along the DE and NJ beaches with extensive beach erosion, severe coastal flooding, and damage to personal property, especially along the beachfront.

I’ll have updates as warranted through the evening. Stay safe.

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