My only contribution to the Summer…

Since it’s a little slow these days, I figured I’d give a little photo update of what I’ve been up to.  It is outside, and I have been sweating my ballz off the last two months working on it, so I guess it is weather related in that sense.  What I can’ wait for is this winter whe nI can turn the lights on and watch the snow fly at night (assuming we actually get a decent storm), or light a fire and sit on the couch and watch it fall around me.

So here is my dream patio from it’s infant stages to tonight, when I made my first fire:

This is the only help I hired – the excavation.  I’ve done it myself in the past, but it’s a pain in the ass to rent everything.  After this, it was a one man team


After pouring the concrete and setting the posts:

The pavers are set, walls are being built, I’ve started the fireplace, and the joists for the roof are up:

Roof and fireplace continue to progress:

Starting the chimney:

The inside, including the fireplace (and yes, it’s pre wired for a TV, if I wish to be that obnoxious):

The roof is done, after about 50 hours and losing 15 pounds:

And finally, I just finished the chimney a few hours ago, and had to try it out…

All that’s left is two wood boxes on either side of the fireplace, building the kitchen and bar, roughing in the plumbing, and finishing up the electrical.  My goal is to be done by late September, so I can enjoy evening in the Fall out there, and then, as I said, the snow.

I’ll post more when it’s all done if there’s interest…. enjoy the rest of the Summer everyone.

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